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Order Of Death - Dark Occultic Secrets of Our Leaders - Alex Jones (2012)

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Order Of Death - Dark Occultic Secrets of Our Leaders - Alex Jones (2012)

Order Of Death - Dark Occultic Secrets of Our Leaders - Alex Jones (2012)

For more info and documentation;
The CIA and Satanism

Conspiracy of Silence - Sex Abuse Ring of Washington DC - CBC / Yorkshire

Soldiers of Satan and Children of Satan - Satanic Influence in the US Government

The UN and the Occult Agenda

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Reviewer: vacantstare - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 5, 2013
Subject: What's a little Satan-worship between leaders...they only want to drag you to hell with them...

Watch the video, Read the material and make up your own mind.

The NWO . ;

The soon arriving New Dark Ages .

The story of those who run the world's news and finances and how they do it .

What do they really do .

What do they really want (the young ones) . ; , what she saw & said . ;

The classic . ; standby .

no reading . ; about islam . ; - tlmd . ; or allah .

How they try to capture history .

The disclosures that bothers them the most .

The spiritual aspects (your soul) . ; and side-effects of globalism ( = totalitarian .)

Who runs the show . ;
Waiting until its too late .

31 Thirty-one Key Questions . ;
and options for remedies .

Hollywood . reality

Want to hear their own confession . ?

All of these books . ; are worth reading. That does not mean that everyone . ; agrees with everything . ;

It means that these are starting points (la aristocracia) . ;
to help us learn. Good luck ..

Those who are on the side of the common man do not object to the facts coming out. Those who are in favor of Free Speech do not try to practice censorship. Those who are truly free thinkers... allow free thinking.

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